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HitcHinge USA # 1/2-1

HitcHinge offered with a 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" square bolt pattern for 1/2” hardware,  (hole size is 5/8") is a medium to heavy duty dock coupler

You will need 8  pieces of 1/2" carriage bolts,  ( at the length of your need) 8 flat washers, lock washers and 8 nuts for each HitcHinge

One COMPLETE HitcHinge Part USA# 1/2-1 includes the Hitch Half Part USA # 1/2-2 & Hinge Half Part USA # 1/2-3 

( We have added a small middle hole to help you to line up when attaching the hinge. 

Use a deck screw through the centre hole. on the scribe's centre line for attachment while drilling holes)

Hardware not included   Shipping extra

You would need two complete HitcHinge per joint section