Client Testimonial's

Silent Dock Hinges:

 Close up photo of a complete Hitchinge attaching a ramp or bridge to a dock that is in the water.
I was searching for silent dock hardware and came across Right away I loved the fact that it was a local company that was close to our cottage. The design looked solid and I was about to do the docks for this season and did not want to deal with the cold water, pins and then the noise of the dock for the season.
I emailed HitcHinge and got a response right away and was lucky enough that our local Home Hardware had some in stock. I headed to the store and bought 6 HH to replace all hardware on our dock.
Once I got the product I could tell it was well thought out and had care and time spent to build each unit. Each unit is light due to the material but solidly built, all the welds looks very good (not an easy task with aluminium).
I was able to use my existing bolts and hardware for most of the install. Once I had the plates installed it was an easy task to mount the hitch to the hinge. Before this would involve me using a bunch of rope and determination to balance the docks to get the pins in, in this case I just had to lift the docks onto the hinge and bolt it down. They have been installed for about a week now and the best part is no noise, we just hear the water hitting the dock.
- Jaimie Redstone Lake Haliburton

HitcHinge New Installation:

New dock in a T shape, with complete hitchinge attaching the top dock to the long dock. In the water.
"I am so pleased to tell you how impressed I am with your hitch hinge product. I have just completed the build and launch of my new 12 x 24 ft floating dock and 16 ft ramp. I have attached both ends of the ramp with your hitch hinge and was amazed with the ease at which I could connect my ramp. For the past 20+ years I have struggled spring and fall with alignment of the hinge holes to insert or remove pivot rods. I have devised a process where I can install and remove the dock as a 1 man job but always struggle with the hinges. This time I simply sat the hinge on the pin at the doc end. Then positioned the ramp and lifted it into place sitting on the pin. No panic trying to align holes and insert pins while holding the ramp.
I had 10 people on the dock while I completed the task of tightening the locks and they were impressed with the whole system. I think we will see more of your hitch hinges around the lake by next spring.
Thanks for the great product."
- G.W.

Installing Old to New:

Comparison photo of a new ramp or bridge versus old dock, with 2 complete Hitchinge’s installed on the ramp or bridge connecting to old dock.
"Just installed a set today on a dock rebuild. Great product. Works perfectly and easy to install the dock without having to line everything up, and have someone hold things in place while pins or screws are attached. Thanks!"
- Jason 

Georgian Bay Marina

"What a great system. I’ve got my ramps halfway done!!"
Georgian Bay Marina In Ontario uses the HitcHinge dock coupler system and their marina is shown in the photo. A long dock with multiple side docks attached using the Hitchinge is showcased.
It just keeps growing...
Georgian Bay Marina In Ontario uses the HitcHinge dock coupler system and their marina is shown in the photo. A long dock with multiple side docks attached using the Hitchinge is showcased. Slip coupler is also showed in this photo as its a direct view from the front of the dock.

And growing and growing!!

Far away photo of Georgian Bay Marina's docks that are in the water. They are attaached using HitcHinge dock coupler system.

Chandos Lake Installation 2021

Dock builder installing the complete hitchinge onto an existing dock.

"I decided to leave the old pin system when putting my docks in, as it was way too difficult! The amount of times I'd lose a pin in the water was crazy. I heard about the Dock HitcHinge& ordered a few right away! Thanks to Gary & RuthAnne
for installing the docks, so happy about it all! My docks are now silent & extremely easy to put in each year. Thank you so much Dock HitcHinge!!
If you haven't heard of them, you should definitely check them out!!"
- Leslie