Getting ready for Spring -

Getting Your Dock ready for Spring

Winter I believe is over for most of us.  It's time to think about opening our cottages and getting the dock back in the water. Are you tired of dropping pins in the water, tired of the noise the hinges make?  How about the cold water?

Well, HitcHinge dock couplers will make your life easier.

This innovative dock coupler offers hassle-free setup and takedown.

If you are adding a new dock or updating an existing one, make sure to use HitcHinge’s unique, easily to assemble dock coupler, designed and Canadian-made by President and founder Andy Assinck.

Set up your dock solo!

Unlike most dock couplers, with the HitcHinge you do not have to struggle with heavy loads while aligning the parts in order to insert pins. HitcHinge dock couplers offer self-contained coupling. “You simply place the hitch over the hinge and spin it in with a single tool,” says Assinck. 

Enjoy a quite dock!

The durable aluminum components offer an extended range of motion and a permanent bushing. “That means the couplers function Virtually silently, with no metal grinding on metal,” says Assinck.

Child-and pet-friendly dock solution

With its design to function from above (instead of between dock sections), the decking can be extended over the joint, eliminating gaps that can be tripping hazards for children and pets.

Read about another happy customer.

I decided to leave the old pin system when putting my docks in, as it was way to difficult! The amount of times I’d lose a pin in the water was crazy.  I heard about the Dock HitcHinge and ordered a few right away!  Thanks to Gary and Ruth Anne for installing the docks, so happy about it all.  My docks are now silent & extremely easy to put in each year.  Thank you so much Dock HitcHinge!! If you have not heard of them, you should definitely check them out.


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